June 24th, 2016

October 24th, 2016

​It is truly wonderful to hear Finn so well landed in the heart of the tradition on this beautiful recording. He is an excellent fiddle player who has mastered the finest details of Irish fiddle music. This is a fully authentic representation of the tradition that could as easily have come from Co. Clare or Sligo except that it’s all the way from Asheville North Carolina. This bodes well for the future of Irish music.
-Martin Hayes

Young Finn has a beautiful sound and touch on the Irish fiddle. He has learned from and now plays with the best in the genre. Both of his new CD's will reward the listener, but on "Branches" you can hear a new musical voice emerging. I'm gonna keep listening for Finn Magill. 
-Tim O'Brien
Sweet swinging fiddle playing with a deep understanding of the roots of this music, a very creative imagination and beautiful violin technique
-Mike Marshall
​Finn Magill's new album shows a great depth and understanding of traditional Irish music. He has made a timeless album of Irish fiddle music that will keep giving joy in years to come.
-Mairéad Ní Mhoanaigh (Altan)
About the time I got to the middle of Track 4, I decided I could not listen to "Branches" on my little car's simple radio anymore... I had to get home to listen to it on the stereo. And why? because "Branches" is wonderful. The tunes Finn's written are melodic and heartfelt, and the arrangements are gorgeous. Every note, chord, and beat captivates and delights. There's a globe of influences whittled down here to one fiddler's vision, and the result is a wonderful perfection of an album.
-Liz Carroll
Very few albums these days command my attention for more than a track or two but this exciting and riveting release from Andrew Finn Magill had me under its spell from the first tune to the last.
 -Kevin Crawford (Lúnasa)
Andrew Finn Magill is proud of his Irish roots, obviously, and does them full justice here in a sparkling selection of mainly old tunes with a handful of more recent compositions, all by acknowledged Irish masters. There's no doubting the excitement and drive here.
-Alex Monaghan The Living Tradition
The African American Blues artist Willie Dixon remarked that "Blues is the roots and everything else is the fruits". I believe that folk process is "the grand old tradition of perpetual transition". Within the canopy of  "Branches", Finn Magill has embodied these ideas, with Irish music as the roots, into a beautiful bouquet of elegant and powerful compositions of multi-cultural celebration for the new millennium.   
-Joe Craven
Serene and incredibly soulful, North Carolina fiddler Andrew Finn Magill encounters the tradition in a manner reminiscent of Keith Jarrett on The Melody at Night With You.
-Siobhan Long, The Irish Times

Branches ​is full of intriguingly good tunes from a deep and complex well of styles and idioms, closely assimilated and fused through the creative process to make an album of unique and personalised music. 
-John Regan, The Living Tradition
A lovely album of “pure drop” Irish music that leaves listeners with a strong impression of a fantastic young musician’s abilities.  The arrangements are strong, the tune selection exemplary, and the guest musicians spectacular – definitely one to check out.
-Daniel Neely, The Irish Echo
Listen out for quiet reflection on Horizons, funk grooves on December, and high energy flight that goes along with what the title evokes in Shooting Stars.  
-Kerry Dexter, Perceptive Travel
Magill takes the jigs, reels and hornpipes at nice brisk tempi, never sacrificing precision (truly gorgeous rolls!) and perfect intonation. If you like fiddle music, don’t pass this up. Add it to your iPod favourites right now!
-Irish Music Magazine

IT IS a lovely thought that Irish music is a citizen of the world. The inferiority complex is long gone and its confidence means that it can take on jazz or rock or classical arrangements and still be true to itself.
The fiddler Andrew Finn Magill is a fine example of this phenomenon.
-Robert McMillen, The Irish News
On Roots, the dominant accent is that of Counties Clare and Sligo, in fiddle playing that is fresh, vital, and fleet.
-Michael Quinn, ​Songlines
In his two new albums, Roots and Branches,​ Magill has taken the spirit of traditional music and moved it forward.
-Sharon Armstrong, The Living Tradition
Drawing from such diverse sources as Appalachian, Latin, swing, and jazz, the album moves through offshoots of traditional music into Magill's own compositions and perceptions, with some surprising
and lovely results.

-Desiah Melby, Fiddler Magazine
The tunes selected not only give an idea of Finn's roots, but they also provide an overview of what is fine and joyful in traditional Irish music. From the temptation to get up and dance a hornpipe to "The Castle Hornpipe and Fountain's Hornpipe" to the moving rendition of "Roisin Dubh," Roots not only reflects Finn's roots, but is a reminder to us of "ours."
-Rick Kelly WADK's Irish Hour
Magill's long-time collaborators -- notable among them Lúnasa fiddler Colin Farrell, Rising Appalachia's David Brown and Paul McKenna Séan Gray from the Paul McKenna Band -- add thrilling contributions of their own in a superbly recorded set. But Branches remains Magill's album and, as such, it's something of a triumph.
-Michael Quinn Songlines Magazine
-New York Irish Arts
Magill 's fiddling on Roots is clean, precise, and absolutely traditional, paying homage to his roots and the history of the music.
-Desiah Melby, Fiddler Magazine

Roots - Branches past Tour Dates 

For ticket information and a full list of tour dates please visit

6/28 Acadia Trad Workshop - Bar Harbor ME
7/1 The Music Mill - Brunswick ME
7/2 Bangor UU Church - Bangor ME
7/5 The Burren Backroom - Boston MA
7/8 - Grandfather Highland Games - Banner Elk NC
7/16-7/22 - Swannanoa Gathering Celtic Week - Swannanoa NC
8/13-8/18 Séjour de Cléguerec - Cléguerec France
8/19 Black Shelter Pub - Nantes, France
8/19 Fiddle workshop - Nantes, France
8/20 Gigg's Irish Pub - Nantes, France
8/24 Les Anges - Querval, France
9/21 - HundredProof Fountain - Louisville, KY
9/22 - University of Kentucky - Lexington, KY
9/23 - House Concert - Carbondale, IL
9/24 - House Concert - St. Louis, MO
9/25 - McGurk's Pub - St. Louis, MO
9/27 -Homegrown - Nashville, TN
9/28 - Behind the Barn - Maryville, TN
10/20-22 - The LEAF Festival - Black Mountain, NC
11/18 - Sandy Jenkins House Concert - New York, NY
11/20 - Ridgewood UU Church - Ridgewood, NJ
11/21 Tellus360 - Harrisburg PA
11/24 Isis Music Hall & Restaurant - Asheville, NC
11/25 Joe Shannon's Mountain Music Series - Boone, NC
11/26 - UU Church - Greensboro, NC
11/28 - Cincinnati Irish Center - Cincinnati OH
11/29 Natalie's Coal-fired Pizza - Columbus OH
11/30 House Concert - Indianapolis IN
12/1 - Irish American Center - Chicago IL
1/6 House Concert - Augusta GA
1/7 - House Concert - Atlanta GA
3/23 The Rockwood - New York NY
3/24 The GAC - Fairfield CT
4/5 Blue Plate Special - Knoxville TN
4/6 The Next Door - Johnson City TN
4/7 Philadelphia Ceili Group - Philadelphia PA
4/8 The Bottling Works - Romney WV
4/10 House Concert - Blacksburg VA
4/11 The Grey Eagle - Asheville NC
4/13 House Concerts at Brad's - Baltimore MD
4/14 House Concert - Warrenton VA
4/15 Greater Folklore Society of Washington - Washington DC
4/16 House Concert - Bethlehem PA
4/19 Sellersville Theatre - Sellersville PA
4/20 TEDx - Greensboro NC
4/21 Pleasant Green Community Center - Durham NC
4/22 High Strung Violin & Guitar Workshop - Durham NC
4/23 Muddy Creek Music Hall - Winston Salem, NC
4/23 The Evening Muse - Charlotte, NC​
5/31 The Leopold Room -Bellingham, WA
6/1 Bellingham Folk School - Bellingham, WA
6/2 Traditions Café - Olympia, OR
6/4-6/9 Montana Fiddle Camp

Listen to Roots UPC: 700261440644

Listen to Branches UPC: 700261440743

 Press Release - September 13th, 2016
Andrew Finn Magill grew up immersed in music, spending every summer at the Swannanoa Gathering Folk Arts Workshops learning fiddle from some of the finest folk musicians in the world. By age 16, he was a two- time finalist at the All-Ireland Championships and he is equally proficient in several American folk idioms such as old-time and bluegrass. He has toured France with the popular Celtic music & dance revue, Celtic Dances, under the musical direction of Liz Knowles & Kieran O’Hare, and produced a Fulbright-MtvU- funded concept album, Mau a Malawi , about those affected by AIDS with Malawian Afro-vibes artist Peter Mawanga . He currently resides in in Rio de Janeiro, where he is a sought-after violinist in Brazilian styles and leads O Finno , his own quartet of choro musicians.

Roots which debuted at #47 on the Folk DJ charts is the first disc in a concept album series which charts Magill’s musical progression in Irish music, featuring the tunes and players that defined his earliest years playing the fiddle: John Doyle, Cillian Vallely (Lúnasa), Sean Earnest (The Yanks), Duncan Wickel and Vincent Fogarty (The Red Wellies). Recorded in three studios on two continents, the music is ‘pure drop’ Irish with sparse instrumentation and innovative arrangements.

From the lively set of reels that opens the album, the listener is treated to brilliant and respectful renditions of much-loved jigs, hornpipes & reels, as well as some rarely-heard gems such as a beautiful setting of the set dance, “The Blackbird” the slow air, “Roisin Dubh,” and Carolan’s “Maurice O’Connor’s Third Air.” The album ends with a rolling, powerhouse set of reels sure to get any Irish music fan’s blood pumping.

Branches (October 24th, 2016) is the second disc in the series. It features ten original compositions which reflect ten years of musical influences and professional partnerships including those with David Brown (Rising Appalachia), Paul McKenna & Seán Gray (Paul McKenna Band), Colin Farrell (Lúnasa), Grant Gordy (The David Grisman Quintet), Duncan Wickel, Dan Iannucci and Micah Thomas.

From the refreshing re-imaginings of the tradition on display in Branches’ first cuts, Finn continually uses familar tune forms such as reels, strathspeys and polkas in startling and creative ways, injecting Appalachian and swing flavors to create exciting and original new music. Then, with his traditional bona fides established, Finn ventures
into more jazzy territory with “Relapse,” followed by the fiddle funk of “December” and concludes with the hypnotic and atmospheric “Shooting Stars,” leaving the listener floating in the firmament, wondering toward which shining frontier Finn will be venturing next.

PUBLICITY: Sean Boyd  
CONTACT: +1-828-545-4614 (US); +55 (21) 98232-1087 (Brazil)

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The Musicians - Roots
  1. John Doyle
Guitar, Mandola, 5-string tenor guitar,12-string guitar, bouzouki
    John Doyle Guitar, Mandola, 5-string tenor guitar,12-string guitar, bouzouki
    Ex-Solas guitarist John Doyle is one of the most influential Irish guitarists today. He has toured with Tim O'Brien, Joan Baez and the Trans-Atlantic Sessions. He tours with never-ending configurations of the best musicians in acoustic Irish and American music.
  2. Duncan Wickel
    Duncan Wickel Fiddle
    Duncan Wickel has a degree in Jazz violin from Berklee School of Music and apart from jazz, is equally sought after for his mastery of Irish, old-time, and bluegrass. His band "The Rondo Rigs" is to release their debut album in 2016.
  3. Sean Earnest
    Sean Earnest DADGAD Guitar
    Guitar player for The Yanks, in recent years Sean Earnest has played with many traditional top tier acts in Scottish and Irish music including: Téada, The Paul McKenna Band, the McPeake family, Cathie Ryan, and the popular show, Women of Ireland.
  4. Cillian Vallely
Uillean Pipes
    Cillian Vallely Uillean Pipes
    Cillian Vallely piper with renowned Irish band Lúnasa, “The hottest Celtic band on the planet” (Irish Voice) has recorded with everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Natalie Merchant and appeared on over 60 albums.
  5. Vincent Fogarty
10 string Bouzouki
    Vincent Fogarty 10 string Bouzouki
    Vincent Fogarty from Tipperary has called Asheville home for more than 15 years. His Irish trad band The Red Wellies released their debut album to much critical acclaim and he has toured through out the Southeast.
  6. Andrew Finn Magill
Fiddle, arrangements
    Andrew Finn Magill Fiddle, arrangements
    Magill is a fiddler/violinist who straddles genres. By 16, he was a two-time finalist at the All-Ireland Fiddle Championships, is a Fulbright-MtvU fellow and in 2017 will release an album of Brazilian music inspired by three years living in Rio.
The Musicians - BRANCHES
  1. David Brown
Baritone Guitar
    David Brown Baritone Guitar
    Asheville native David Brown cites his two main influences as David Greer and John Doyle. David tours heavily with wildly successful Rising Appalachia throughout the world and is a pioneer in a growing movement of green touring.
  2. Duncan Wickel
5-string fiddle & cello
    Duncan Wickel 5-string fiddle & cello
    Duncan Wickel has a degree in Jazz violin from Berklee School of Music and apart from jazz, is equally sought after for his mastery of Irish, old-time, and bluegrass. His band The Rondo Rigs is to release their debut album in 2016.
  3. Colin Farrell
    Colin Farrell Fiddle
    Colin Farrell, who currently plays fiddle in Irish supergroup, Lúnasa, has played and recorded with Flook, Grada, E2K, Karan Casey, and Julie Fowlis. He is a multi All-Ireland winner on fiddle and whistle.
  4. Séan Gray
    Séan Gray Guitar
    Séan moonlights as the flute and whistle player for premiere Scottish band The Paul McKenna Band. The band has toured North America, Australia, and Europe, and at home in Glasgow Séan is one of the most in-demand guitar players on the scene.
  5. Paul McKenna
    Paul McKenna Guitar
    Award-winning Glasgow singer Paul McKenna has one of the best voices in Scotland. He is also a virtuosic guitarist and has played with many legends. His award winning group,"The Paul McKenna Band" released their fourth album "Paths that Wind" in 2016.
  6. Grant Gordy
    Grant Gordy Guitar
    Grant Gordy held the guitar chair in the legendary David Grisman Quintet for six years, He's worked alongside such musical luminaries such as Darol Anger, Edgar Meyer and Steve Martin. Grant's music has been heard on NPR's Morning Edition, and he's performed all over the world, from Carnegie Hall to Bonnaroo.
  7. Dan Iannucci
Acoustic & Electric Bass
    Dan Iannucci Acoustic & Electric Bass
    With a degree in jazz and a pupil of Paul Winter's Grammy-winning bassist Eliot Wadopian, Daniel is a pillar of the Asheville music scene. Equally skilled in classical music, he plays with the Brevard Symphony and other classical music ensembles.
  8. Micah Thomas
    Micah Thomas Drums
    Micah Thomas is one of the best jazz drummers in Asheville, NC. With Dan Iannucci he forms the rhythm section for The Jason Cristofaro Trio featuring vibraphonist Cristofaro.
  9. Andrew Finn Magill
Fiddle,mandolin,whistles, compositions
    Andrew Finn Magill Fiddle,mandolin,whistles, compositions
    In 2011 he produced a Fulbright-MtvU funded concept album about AIDS with Afro-vibes artist from Malawi Peter Mawanga. He currently leads his own quartet of Brazilian choro, The Andrew Finn Quartet in Rio de Janeiro. In 2017 he will release an album of original Brazilian music inspired by three years living in Rio.
Tech Team
  1. Chris Rosser
Recording Engineer
    Chris Rosser Recording Engineer
    Award-winning songwriter Chris Rosser has 20+ years of audio-engineering experience. His Hollow Reed Studios was a delight to record in.
  2. Danny Littwin
Mixing Engineer
    Danny Littwin Mixing Engineer
    Danny Littwin has 40+ years of audio-engineering experience and has recorded and mixed everyone from Frankie Gavin to Bruce Springsteen.
  3. Gene Paul 
Mastering Engineer
    Gene Paul Mastering Engineer
    Gene Paul is a Grammy-winning mastering engineer based in New Jersey. He has an award-winning staff and worked with artists from Dr. John to Norah Jones.
Track Listing

June 24th, 2016

1. Miss McDonald's / The Siesta 
 The classic reel Miss McDonald's followed by a great tune by Dervish fiddler Tom Morrow featured on Dervish's recording Midsummer's Night.

Andrew Finn Magill - fiddle
Sean Earnest - DADGAD guitar

2. Don't Touch that Green Linnet / Dancing Eyes / The Humors of Cavan 
The first jig is composed by one of my all-time favorite fiddle players and fiddle heroes Tommy Peoples. "Dancing Eyes" is a Sean Ryan tune I found in the Traditional Music Archive. "The Humors of Cavan" is a great old jig I uncovered in O'Neill's Book of Irish Music.

Andrew Finn Magill - fiddle
John Doyle - 6-string guitar, mandolin, 12-string guitar

3. The Blackbird / Corney is Coming 
This very old setting of the classic set dance The Blackbird can be found in O'Neill's Music of Ireland: 1,850 Melodies. "Corney is Coming" I got from the playing of excellent piper Tommy Reck and in the spirit of piping I feature one of my favorite pipers here, Cillian Vallely.

Andrew Finn Magill - fiddle
Vincent Fogarty - 10-string bouzouki
Cillian Vallely- uilleann pipes

4. Maurice O'Connor Third Air
I literally played through the complete collection of O'Carolan compositions before stumbling across this gem and was shocked to find it has virtually gone un-recorded for so many years. John Doyle joins me on this with his custom-made Kevin Muiderman five-string tenor guitar.

Andrew Finn Magill - fiddle
John Doyle - guitar, 5 string tenor guitar

5. Only for Barney / Kissing and Drinking
The first tune is from Josephine Keegan of Co. Down and I learned it from Boston fiddler Brendan Bulger. The second tune I got from the playing of the great piper Peter Browne.

Andrew Finn Magill - fiddle
Vincent Fogarty - 10-string bouzouki

6. Tom of the Red Hills / Tom Ward's Downfall / The Western Lasses
This haunting first tune by Ed Reavy is in one of my favorite keys, G minor. Tom Ward's Downfall I first heard Vinnie Kilduff play on a Gerry O'Connor album and The Western Lasses I am convinced is actually an older three-part version of the classic four-parter The Graf Spee.

Andrew Finn Magill - fiddle
Sean Earnest - DADGAD guitar

7. The Castle Hornpipe / Fountain's Hornpipe

It took ages to track down the origin of this first hornpipe which I came across via Leitrim fiddler Shane Meehan on an unnamed recording with Maryin Wynne. Uilleann piper Kieran O'Hare came to the rescue however: The hornpipe is actually played as a reel in Cape Breton and popularized by the legendary Cape Breton fiddle player Winston Fitzgerald. Fountain's Hornpipe is yet one more taken from the marvelous repertoire of Peter Browne.

Andrew Finn Magill - fiddle
Vincent Fogarty - 10-string bouzouki
Cillian Vallely- uilleann pipes

8. The Green Fields of America / Tommy Coen's 

These are two classic session reels that were definitely played quite a bit in my teenage days in Asheville. 

Andrew Finn Magill - fiddle
Vincent Fogarty - 10-string bouzouki

9. Roisin Dubh
This classic air which means 'little black rose' in Irish, I got from the singing of Paddy Tunney. There are many versions of this tune but I have always loved the singing of Paddy Tunney from the moment I first heard him in a small pub in Listowel, Co. Kerry in 2001. I wanted to pay a tribute to his wonderful singing on this one.

Andrew Finn Magill - fiddle

10. The Green Fields of Glentown / The Old Dudeen / McFadden's Handsome Daughter
The first reel is another from Tommy People's. "The Old Dudeen" I first heard on the Danú album Think Before You Think! which was an incredibly influential recording for me. McFadden's Handsome Daughter was a reel given to me by New York fiddler Brian Conway as he was coaching me on which reels to play in the All-Ireland Championships.

Andrew Finn Magill - fiddle (right channel)
Duncan Wickel - fiddle (left channel)
John Doyle - bouzouki

Track Listing

Fall 2016

1. Horizons
This tune was inspired on my nightly runs I used to take around sunset during a brief stint playing at DisneyWorld. The Floridian sunsets truly were amazing and the flat terrain made it so that one could see the horizon in every direction.

Andrew Finn Magill - fiddle
David Brown- baritone guitar

2. Farewell to Vass / Hello Picadilly

The first tune was written for fiddler Mike Vass after his farewell tear with the lads one night. Hello Picadilly was a welcome tune I wrote for the street, Picadilly Circle, where I lived for a short while.

Andrew Finn Magill - fiddle
Colin Farrell - fiddle
Séan Gray- guitar

3. Hilda Harlow
I wrote this tune in Malawi, Africa when I lived there in 2010. For years it didn't have a title and when my grandmother Hilda died it seemed only fitting to name it after her because playing this tune conjures up for me the person who she was.

Andrew Finn Magill - fiddles
Duncan Wickel - cello

4. A Beautiful Ending
This tune is written for the gratitude that accompanies the ending of something beautiful (a relationship, film, career, etc). Often we don't want it to end but it must and this is an opportunity to reflect on its legacy rather than dwell on its absence.

Andrew Finn Magill - fiddle
Paul McKenna - guitar

5. Mary & Alice / Dreams of a City
During my stint at DisneyWorld I shared a trailer with Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland (for the record, I was there to play music not impersonate disney characters). "Dreams of a City" was written after a vivid dream I had of New York City, the city I called home for two years before moving to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Andrew Finn Magill - fiddle
Séan Gray- guitar
Micah Thomas- drums

6. Coming Home

I wrote this tune a few days before I returned to Asheville, North Carolina, the city where I was born and raised. It was a Christmas homecoming and was the first time that my entire family had come together under one roof in over a year.

Andrew Finn Magill - fiddle, mandolin, low whistles
David Brown- baritone guitar

7. What Bloomed in April / The Spud King / This Will Be
I wrote this first tune thinking about the girl I met in April 2014 who went on to become the most important person in my life - Cris. "The Spud King" was written in 2008 for Donegal fiddler Danny Meehan who upon meeting, proudly proclaimed that he grew "the biggest spuds in Ireland." He showed me his garden and by Jove, the man was not lying. "This Will be" is a tune inspired by that anxious feeling that is simulteanously exhilerating because you know something is going to turn out really well.

Andrew Finn Magill - fiddle
Paul McKenna - guitar
Duncan Wickel - cello

8. Relapse
"Relapse" was written at the height of my Brazilian musical saturation on a sweltering night in Rio. It started as a Brazilian tune and ended up as a new acoustic/jazzy number thanks to some handy guitar work by Grant Gordy. 

Andrew Finn Magill - fiddle
Grant Gordy - guitar

9. December
I wrote "December" right after I moved back to the States in 2010 from Malawi, Africa. The whole tune just jumped out in about 5 minutes. It was written with a lot of funk intention and an excuse to riff with one of my oldest friends, Duncan Wickel.

Andrew Finn Magill - fiddle (right channel)
Duncan Wickel - 5-string fiddle (left channel)
Dan Iannucci- acoustic bass
Micah Thomas- drums

10. Shooting Stars
The inspiration for this piece came from staring at a night sky and imagining shooting stars lighting it up one by one. As the music progresses, it is meant to convey the growing excitement of this phenomenon.

Andrew Finn Magill - fiddle
Dan Iannucci- electric bass

*All compositions copyright Andrew Finn Magill (BMI 2016)

Thank You's
The Musicians & Engineers 

John Doyle, Sean Earnest, Paul McKenna, Séan Gray, Cillian Vallely, Colin Farrell, Duncan Wickel, Vincent Fogarty, David Brown, Dan Iannucci, Micah Thomas, Grant Gordy, Chris Rosser, Danny Littwin, Joel Kerr

The Kickstarter Backers  

David Hamilton, James Cleveland, Chloe Weatherill, William Garneau, Jan Luquire, Sahid Limon, Oísin Mac Diarmada, Holly Martin, Jenna Muiderman, Kay Naito, Cillian King, Lizzy Ross, Samuel Le Henanff, Andy Lever, Doug Plummer, Seth Barden, Liz Calkins, Margaret Santhanam, Daniel Littwin, Jane Rambo DeHart, Katy Luquire, Hannah Harris, Jeff Engel, Terry England, Seth Congdon, Dot Houlditch, Jim Corcoran, Lee Marsh, Jake Meserve Blount, Lynner, Maribeth Oakes, Celia Ramsay, Aaron Salmon, Yuri Broze, Cheri Britton, Melanie Stevens, Lydia Sturgis, Mara Levine, Mavis G, Tom Delany, David LaMotte, Frank Sun, Peggy Bentley, Eric Butter, Keith Berland, Kurt Asplundh, Small Town Therapy, Karl Kersey, Roxanna Whittington, Connor Magill, Benjamin Cobb, Everett Zdrill, Brian Conway, Shayna Quilty, Eliza Rosebrock, Lindsey Morgan, Mark Treiber, David Garcia, Deborah Kinney-Soltis, Becky Luquire, Laura Risk, Anne Kinney-Eittinger, Rae Geoffrey, Rhythm Future Quartet, Darryl Purpose, Roger Horowitz, Chris Hawke, Michael Schmitt, Larry McCloskey, Raquel Zampil, Michelle Purvis, Habib Yazdi, Donna Richardson, Carol Stein, Kate Hanley, Rafael Affonso, Michael Rennie, Matthew Millering, Danny Ellis, Patrick Mangan, Daniel, Doug Orr, Serina Patterson, Manon Manavit, Paul Heumiller, Krista MacPherson, Beanie O'dell, Mignucci, Joshua Smith, Dinah Mellin, Andrew Brown, Tom Stuart, Jason Furman, Brian O'Donovan, Rachel Lambertson, David Jones, Patrick McDougall, Gary Bowden, Joey Marra, Brian Conaty, Daniel Elwell, Mary Sawyer, Jane McAlister Pope, Cristiane Santos, Philip Fryberger, Michael Dugger, Tim Smith, Marie Clemence, Jeff Willner, Beth Magill, Steve Hoffman, Connie Carringer, Barbara Kehler, Jack Barry, Ron Pen, Monji Dolon, Scott M. Manson, Sean Edsall, Janis Bryant, Kathryn Temple

Friends and family

Mom, Dad, Connor, Hannah, and my wonderful muse and partner Cristiane. 
Também queria agradecer a minha família brasileira: Gegê, Jayme, Andreia, Alê, e Sheila.

MY musician friends who inspired, contributed and facilitated all this

John Daly, Liz Carroll, Martin Hayes, Kevin Crawford, Brian Conway, Mairéad Ní Mhoanaigh, Brendan Bulger, Tommy Peoples, James Kelly, Patrick Mangan, Bill Gerhardt, Kieran O'Hare, Liz Knowles, Beanie O'Dell, John Doyle & Cathy Peterson, Ken & Brad Kolodner, Hannah Seng, The Paul McKenna Band, Anna Colliton, The Western North Carolina Folk Arts Center, Jennifer Pickering, Leah & Chloe Smith, Jason Anick, Jeremy Kittel, The Seven Deadly Venoms, Eliot Wadopian, Luís Barcelos, Pedro Paes, Shane Meehan,